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  • Sage Hills Trail Opens
    Posted 4/1/15 Starting today, the Sage Hills Trail is officially open for recreational users! This area in the foothills West of Wenatchee is closed seasonally from December 1 to April 1 to allow the Valley's population of migratory mule deer to make it through the winter without stress from humans.
  • House Committee Hears Testimony on Democratts budget tax proposal
    Posted 4/1/15   A bill by House Democratss to fund the state budget with a new capital gains tax and other revenue measures received its first public hearing Tuesday in Olympia.      In a crowded meeting of the House Finance committee, lobbyists for business groups and users of Washington's schools and social services voiced their thoughts on the plan Democrats debuted last week...
  • Three Wounded in Ephrata Shooting
    Posted 4/1/15   Police in  Ephrata say three people have been shot and wounded outside a gas station.    Police say medics took the three to a hospital Tuesday night...
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