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  • Phone app. helps nab suspects
    Posted Monday, 05-25-15 A friendly reminder from the Wenatchee police department. Lock your cars. Several vehicle prowls reported in the Broadview area Sunday morning fortunately ended in the recovery of stolen property and two arrests, with more pending. Sergeant Mark Huson says police are not always able to recover stolen property, so don't leave a tempting target. listen here Wenatchee police report that in addition to GPS units, iPods, iPhones and money, a rifle was taken in Sunday's car prowls. Police says the break in the case came when a stolen iPhone was reportedly powered up by the suspects. The owner received a notification from a Find My iPhone app.
  • Lightning Caused Fire
    Posted Saturday, 05-23-15 Thunderstorms that roared through the area Thursday and Friday caused a handful of mostly small fires...
  • Officials say Drugged Driver Injures Several Campers at Gorge Amphitheater Campground
    Posted 5/25/15   The Grant County sheriff's office has identified the man who drove his car into the Gorge Amphitheater campground, injuring three people and himself.      Tanner A...
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