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  • Seattle Shuts Down Arena Plan
    NEWARENA-630x354 In a 5-4 vote Monday, the Seattle City Council decided against a new Arena in the City’s SODO district...
  • Opposition to Transgender Ballot Initiative Intensifies
    Transgender_Pride_flag There’s organized opposition to a proposed ballot initiative in the Evergreen State. The group “Washington Won’t Discriminate” opposes I-1515, which seeks a public vote to repeal a law allowing trans-gender people to use bathrooms based on their sexual identity. Democratic state senator Jamie Pederson, who advises the organization, says the... The post Opposition to Transgender Ballot Initiative Intensifies appeared first on KPQ.
  • Holden Mine Cleanup Enters Final Stages
    Holden Mine A new water treatment plant will be established to purify water contaminated by toxic mine tailings at the abandoned Holden copper mine at Lake Chelan...
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