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  • Newhouse Calls WDFW Report a Positive Sign for Wolves
    Representative Dan Newhouse says a recent WDFW report on the wolf population should be seen as a positive...
  • Wenatchee School District Levy Vote in April
    The Wenatchee School District will be looking to renew their levy in April. Superintendent Brian Flones said it’s while the district does get money from the state, they want to add more opportunities for their kids. “Offset the things the state doesn’t pay for, so it really pays for program... The post Wenatchee School District Levy Vote in April appeared first on NewsRadio 560 KPQ.
  • Senate Bill Looking to Limit Vehicle License Taxes
    A bill working it’s way through the State Senate would limit future increases on vehicle licenses taxes collected for the next phases of Sound Transit’s regional plan in the Puget Sound...
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