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  • Washington State Income Tax Proposed as Education Funding Tool
    Posted 4/21/15   Washington state Treasurer Jim McIntire is proposing an income tax to pay for education.   McIntire made the proposal at a news conference on Monday, saying he hoped it would be a conversation starter.      His proposal is one of a handful of ideas floating around Olympia about to meet the Supreme Court's order to fix the way the state pays for public schools.      Some of the other proposals related to the McCleary decision included a suggested capital gains tax and a statewide property tax to replace local school levies.      McIntire's plan calls for a 5 percent personal income tax, but would eliminate the state property tax and reduce business taxes...
  • Burglary suspect busted
    Posted Monday, 04-20-15 A burglary suspect was busted Friday evening, thanks to a tip from a Waterville area resident...
  • Fireworks ban meeting
    Posted Monday, 04-20-15 The Wenatchee city council is set to vote on a proposal to ban the possession and use of fireworks in the city...
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