Every Friday afternoon 3:55 we play four songs in a row suggested by a Quake 102.1 listener. Every week we choose a list, play the songs and award that Quake 102.1 listener a.... (you must be 18 or older).
Fill out your Friday 4-Play request form.

You can use an artist, theme or just ask for your four favorite songs.

Creativity counts! Any song in any order. If it’s in the huge Quake 102.1 music library we will play it. If we choose your “4-Play” you will win a.... (you must be 18 or older).

Up for grabs a $40.00 gift card from The Riverside Pub at The Columbia Valley Brewing Company, across from Riverside Park, 538 Riverside Drive Wenatchee.

Submit as many “4-Plays” as you want.

Friday 4 Play Winners
01/30/15 Kevin Warren 
01/23/15 Jim Price
01/16/15 Tim Wenzen
02/06/15 Kim Anderson 
02/13/15 Titus Fields 
02/20/15 Mary Wekamp 
02/27/15 Greg Curran 
03/06/15 Robert Spradlin
03/13/15 Mike Earing
03/20/15 Tiffany Price
03/27/15 Gary Duke
04/03/15 Allison Hughes
04/10/15 Brian Kelly 
04/17/15 Joanne Moore 
04/24/15 Chance Flanigan 
05/01/15 Joanna Evans 
05/08/15 Rich Poole 
05/15/15 Rebecca Moore 
05/22/15 Bernard Owens 
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